Saturday, 8 February 2014

Tomi Ungerer - Inside Marriage / Der schonste Tag (1960)

Inside Marriage, New York, Grove Press, 1960.

Der schönste Tag, Zurich, Diogenes Verlag, 1960.

Ho Ho Hochzeit, Zurich, Diogenes Verlag, 1971.
This 1960 book has been published in at least 3 different formats and titles. I suspect there may also be further translations. The images from the inner pages are taken from the "Der schonste Tag" edition.

I suspect it wasn't very popular in the US, as there was no follow-up, whereas, the "Der Herzinfarkt" followed a year later in Europe. Ungerer cartoons did however appear in Evergreen around the same time. This was another publication in the "Grove Press" family run by Barney Rossett. I wonder how Barney and Tomi got on? Quite well I would expect.


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