Friday, 11 April 2014

More Kliban for Kaiser Aluminum - 1969

I came across another of Klibans' Kaiser Aluminum adverts, again dating from 1969. This is the fourth in this series found so far.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Kliban - Evergreen Review 68 - Jul 1969

In the month of the first moon landings, Evergreen treats its readers to 3 new Kliban cartoons and a nice advert of Tiny Tim's new book "Beautiful Thoughts".

I've read the Tiny Tim bio by Harry Stein. I managed to pick up a cheap copy several years ago and I understand its now pretty rare. It simply the best pop memoir I've ever read. Both humorous and tragic, I was laughing out loud at Tiny's antics. It'd make a fantastic film. I must post a fuller review sometime.

Kliban - Evergreen Review 67 - Jun 1969

Two Kliban in this issue.

In the lead up to the first moon landing there's a topical cartoon, by Munzlinger,  about the lunar adventure. It seems a little odd to me that the whole "NASA thing" is hardly mentioned at all in Evergreen.


Evergreen Review 66 - May 1969

No Kliban in this issue - but here is the cover art by Kishin Shinoyama.

The cover art become more erotic until the magazine stutters and finally ceases in 1973.

Kliban - Evergreen Review 65 - Apr 1969

A bumper collection of 3 cartoons in this issue. There were none in the next and a longer gap later in the year.

Kliban - Evergreen Review 64 - Mar 1969 / Kishin Shinoyama

Only 2 Kliban cartoons in this issue.

I think this is a superb cover. Its by Kishin Shinoyama. He did several covers over the coming issues. I wasn't previously aware of his work, but a little research showed that he created the famous b&w cover photograph for John Lennon & Yoko Ono's 1980 album, Double Fantasy. 

His published work seems to be dominated by b&w erotic collections, which is a shame, as I'd like to see more of his stylized colour photos. If any knows - please leave a comment.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Tomi Ungerer - Inside Marriage / Der schonste Tag (1960)

Inside Marriage, New York, Grove Press, 1960.

Der schönste Tag, Zurich, Diogenes Verlag, 1960.

Ho Ho Hochzeit, Zurich, Diogenes Verlag, 1971.
This 1960 book has been published in at least 3 different formats and titles. I suspect there may also be further translations. The images from the inner pages are taken from the "Der schonste Tag" edition.

I suspect it wasn't very popular in the US, as there was no follow-up, whereas, the "Der Herzinfarkt" followed a year later in Europe. Ungerer cartoons did however appear in Evergreen around the same time. This was another publication in the "Grove Press" family run by Barney Rossett. I wonder how Barney and Tomi got on? Quite well I would expect.


Kliban Covered

To my knowledge, Kliban designed just a couple of book covers (other than for his own titles) - the first being the "None of the Comforts of Home" by Basil Woon (1967) shown in an earlier posting. The other is this cartoon collection "I Didn't Raise Our Son to Be Soldier" from Playboy Press (1972). I presume the cartoon itself appeared in an early issue of the magazine.

I Didn't Raise Our Son to Be Soldier, Playboy Press (1972).

Kliban gags - 1972

As well as the Shab strip, a few one-frame gag cartoons appeared in National Lampoon during 1972.

NL, March 1972
NL, May 1972

NL, June 1972
NL, Dec 1972

Kliban Strips - 1972

Kliban had a short running strip called Shab (about a caveman) throughout 1972 in National Lampoon magazine. However, this one about "Sid the Amoeba" was even briefer - appearing in only one issue.

National Lampoon, May 1972

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kliban for Kaiser Aluminum - 1969

I came across another Kliban advert in Esquire Oct-1969. Its another piece for Kaiser Aluminum. It seems a little strange for a large industrial company to place an advert in a men's lifestyle magazine.

This is the third Kaiser Aluminum advert by Kliban that I've seen and I suspect that there are more.

I recall reading somewhere that Kliban's work appeared in Esquire. (It would be quite a nice credit in a CV).  However, I expected it to refer to a gag cartoon rather than an advert. I haven't yet seen a Kliban cartoon in Esquire...

It proved quite challenging to get a good photo - the dimensions of the vintage Esquire magazines is quite unwieldy. They're quite a big bigger than current magazines.

Quite a nice image...the text suggests that Kaiser Corp. understands young people in a hippy kinda-way.


art is fart. yoko ono.

I attended a couple of the events at the Yoko Ono curated Meltdown Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, London in Summer 2013.

I came across this piece displayed on a pillar inside the venue. My immediate thought was that
it had to be a clever parody posted by some joker...

When I made a second trip to the venue, while the festival was still running, the piece had disappeared. I was certain it had to have been a joke, and it had since been removed....

But no! I had a look in Ono's book Grapefruit - and yes! its a genuine "poem"!?!

Now I'm more confused. Did she intend to be taken seriously? Was it intended as a joke? Is she a comic writer that's escaped notice? Why was it removed? 

The Beer Drinker

From National Lampoon, May 1972. by Cochran

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

1969 - Tomi Ungerer adverts

A gathering somewhat tamer than that depicted in Ungerer's book The Party (1966).

1968 - Tomi Ungerer adverts

1967 - Tomi Ungerer adverts

More Hayden, Stone ads.

I wonder if Ungerer's anti-war posters from around this time put an end to this kind of commission?

1966 - Tomi Ungerer adverts

The man-in-a-compass design first appeared in 1965, and other Hayden, Stone ads appeared the following year.

I've omitted other poster ad and concentrated on magazine ad's in this series of postings, however, I liked this bold colourful design so I've included it here.

1965 - Tomi Ungerer adverts

I've added one example to the 1966 entry to group common designs together.

1964 - Tomi Ungerer adverts

These could both have come straight from the pagers of the Underground Sketchbook