Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kliban for Kaiser Aluminum - 1969

I came across another Kliban advert in Esquire Oct-1969. Its another piece for Kaiser Aluminum. It seems a little strange for a large industrial company to place an advert in a men's lifestyle magazine.

This is the third Kaiser Aluminum advert by Kliban that I've seen and I suspect that there are more.

I recall reading somewhere that Kliban's work appeared in Esquire. (It would be quite a nice credit in a CV).  However, I expected it to refer to a gag cartoon rather than an advert. I haven't yet seen a Kliban cartoon in Esquire...

It proved quite challenging to get a good photo - the dimensions of the vintage Esquire magazines is quite unwieldy. They're quite a big bigger than current magazines.

Quite a nice image...the text suggests that Kaiser Corp. understands young people in a hippy kinda-way.



  1. Wow, what a treasury of Kliban you have here! Cheers from NZ

  2. By the way: Rolling Stone magazine, 21 September 1978 - best interview with Kliban I've ever read.

  3. Thanks for interest. I've got a copy of the RS interview. I haven't read it in a long time - I'll upload it sometime. I've also got one other interview which appeared in Splat magazine from 1987/8. I recall it being quite revealing and it also included some unpublished artwork that he'd done for pleasure, although the reproduction itsn't great. Again, I'll post it soon.
    Do you know of any other (non-cat) interviews/material I've not covered so far?

  4. There was a brief obit in The Comics Journal in 1990, and I assume you've come across this book: