Monday, 20 May 2013

Kilban - just who was he?

Kliban was by all accounts was a guarded individual who only very rarely granted interviews. It occurred to me that after many years as a fan that I didn't know what he looked like. There's a cartoon of his called, something like, "Watch-out Cartoonist in Town" (I forget the precise title) and it shows a Jewish-Italian looking guy with busty models on either arm, strutting down the street, with by-standers showing deference to-da-man. This is the likeness that I had in mind. I wasn't too far wrong - I guess the cartoon was also a clever self-parody.

Here is an article providing many biographical details and tantalising photos of him as a teen and as an adult.

The Hour - Oct 2, 2003
The Hour - Oct 2, 2003

The Hour - Oct 2, 2003

Tuli Kupferberg on Self-Publishing

This rare article first appeared in DC Gazette, June 1982. Tuli talks about his self-publishing ventures in the pre-blogging, pre-internet age. Do try and checkout some of his self-published gems - they are becoming increasing rare - perhaps in the future they'll only be found in museum collections..

DC Gazette, June 1982, p 8

DC Gazette, June 1982, p9

Recreational / Political Kliban

This rare poster is probably alone in conveying Klibans' personal political views

Apple Pie, January 1976